Your own true bliss is right within yourself

Water, warmth and spa –

the relax centre at the Hotel Post

The Hotel Post’s wellbeing oasis for the body, mind and senses is the perfect way to end a day full of adventures and piste-action. Relaxed and energised you are then ready to through yourself into the nightlife or spend the evening in your cosy bedroom or one of our lounges.

The relax centre includes a generous indoor swimming area with a whirlpool, a waterfall and rooms for reclining, relaxing and meditating, with waterbeds and a solarium. Our sauna area fulfils every wish: flower aroma steam bath, halotherapy (saltwater steam bath), Finnish sauna, bio sauna and infrared cabin.

Finnish Sauna


Hot tub

Salt water steam bath

Meditation room with water beds

Infrared cabin & Sun bed

Wellness and Spa

Begin anew - step into ultimate Relaxation

Full Body Massage
50 Min.
€ 65,-
Partial Body Massage
Life is stressful and we have your back! This massage offers the soothing and support we all need from time to time. Completely devoted to your back, neck and shoulders, you are sure to leave your physical and emotional stress behind. Tension dissolves, leaving only comfort and well-being behind.
25 Min.
€ 35,-
Salt & Oil Peeling
This stimulating skin tingling body scrub is an intense exfoliating treatment. The scrub not only cleanses, but also stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin, leaving your skin smooth, soft and supple.
25 Min.
€ 35,-
Sports Massage
This treatment promotes and speeds recovery of tired, strained, or sore muscles so you can bounce back for another day of action. It is ideal for those engaging in consecutive days of skiing, hiking or other outdoor activities.
25 Min.
€ 35,-
Recommended Add-On: Peeling
This invigorating exfoliation increases circulation to keep muscles supple and is a delightful addition to our partial body or sports massage.
10 Min.
€ 15,-
Your feet need to support your entire body so why neglect them? Feet are coded with a map of the entire body with specific spots that correspond with particular organs and glands. Massaging these points encourages healthy functions in the corresponding areas of the body and generates a balanced flow of energy. You will leave walking on clouds.
50 Min.
€ 55,-
Hotel Post included Services

Half-board for your well-being