Hotel Post: 120 years St. Anton am Arlberg –

the pioneers of winter sports

The Hotel Post in St. Anton am Arlberg is a part of the history and development of the community. In September 1884, when the railway tunnel through Arlberg was opened, which was at that time the longest in the world, the dreamy mountain village experienced a sudden economic surge. In 1896 Mr. Carl Schuler decided to build the first hotel in the area, the Hotel Post – initially for all the summer guests who came to experience the Tyrolean mountain life. 

His decision proved to be highly advantageous at the turn of the century, when alpine skiing became more fashionable. St. Anton am Arlberg rapidly developed into the first skiing metropolis. Many ski sport pioneers came from Arlberg and the Hotel Post was their homestead. No other place could reflect St. Anton’s sporting and social atmosphere quite like the Hotel Post. The guests included prominent figures from around the world, including royalty, famous business people and artists.

For this reason Walter Schuler, the owner’s son, had the Hotel Post converted into a substantial sports hotel in 1927. The world-famous architect Clemens Holzmeister was engaged for the planning. The Hotel Post’s striking silhouette has characterised St. Anton’s local image ever since.

Family Alber acquired the house in the 70’s and has always taken care to retain the traditional and integrate the new. Investment in modern developments raised the hospitality to a new level. The Relax centre with sauna and an indoor-pool was constructed. The facade was advantageously modified with an inviting terrace and a row of shops below. This all makes for the delightful image evident today: a traditional house with an old structure combined with up-to-the-minute interior in the areas of technology, comfort and possibilities of touristic experiences.  

History overview:

  • 1884: Opening of the Arlberg railway tunnel
  • 1896: Carl Schuler decides to have the Hotel Post built
  • 1927: Alteration of the building into a modern sports hotel, designed by Clemens Holzmeister. The Hotel Post’s silhouette has shaped St. Anton’s image ever since.
  • 1970s: Family Alber acquires the house and brings it up-to-date